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Dream Riders is the brainchild of the Passion For Riding,
To the far and Untravelled Destinations.

Dream Riders is the Brainchild for Motorcycle Tours grown into the Banyan tree of adventure. The idea grew from Bike Riding to Trail Riding, Backpacking, Trekking Motorcycle Coaching and more. We bring explorer curated adventure re-defined to the far untravelled yet dreamt destinations.

Our Vision

To become the Most preferred adventure travel company globally with Customer Delight.

Our Mission

To be best in class, creating everlasting memorable experience to riders, trekkers, Backpackers and explorers besides perfect coaching.

The Past, Present & the Future

Our Company's Journey

How did Columbus land in India? Hiren Patel, once thought on the same lines out of curiosity riding a bike- "where does this road go?". Fortunately, it led to the Himalayas. Gathering information and assistance before and during the trip was not an easy task back then.

Ever since the words thrill, ecstasy, excitement are added to the dictionary to describe unexpected and bone-chilling experiences, humans are attracted to do something to gain such an experience. Human’s expedition to gain thrilling and exciting experiences leads to innovation of the concept of adventure tourism. Adventure tourism is a trip that includes at least two of the flowing three elements: physical activity, natural environment and cultural immersion.

Hiren Patel, Founder of the Dream Riders Group realised the need for bringing this and passionate bike riders under one roof. Hence, in 2009, The Dream Riders Group came into existence with the sole aim- to serve fellow riders and explorers.

During the early times, we started operation with a single destination Leh -Ladakh,(Motorcycle Ride) which has become the face of adventure in recent times. With each passing year & successful trips, Dream Riders weaved a bond of trust & reliability among rider.

This trust and confidence also lead us to start other avenues of adventure touring viz Trail Riding. Backpacking, trekking and motorcycle coaching. Other avenues like Water sports, rafting, sky diving yet untouched due to the simple fact of master of few rather than being the jack of all. Understanding the latent desire of mapping unconquered new lands, we slowly introduced several destinations for our riders. After Ladakh, Spiti, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim & North East India and almost the complete Himalayan Mountain Range. We ventured ride culture beyond just mountains; to culture & tradition by introducing motorcycle tours to Rajasthan, South India & Rann of Kutch. Now, we have added Uttarakhand to our trip portfolio.

Why Choose Us

Let me give you nine apt facts for best decision.

Safety First Approach

While on the terrain the most important factor is riding safety. The itineraries are designed in a way that the adrenaline rush doesn’t cross the limit of calculative risk. Apart from the necessary gears and safety measures, team never push to overspeed or put your live at danger.

Experienced Staff

While riding to the distant land, every amenity seems to be a luxury. The team that drives with you is seasoned to the terrains and the harsh truth of the land. They will share wisdom & guide you on the road and off the ride. We advise you to listen to them.

6700 Client Satisfied

In the last decade, we have conducted nearly 500 and counting rides. With this, we have built a community of satisfied and happy riders, who have showered us with their praise on social media platforms. We are certain that you would meet a few riders at any ride who have travelled with us before.

Quality Service

Motorcycle tours are uncertain & hence adventurous. We believe in delivering the best service to a few riders than head hunting a crowd. We push our limits for your delight and joyful experience so you cheer every memory the unforgettable bike trip with us.

On Road Assistance

We share a bond of a family with fellow riders. Be it a medical assistance or a mechanical breakdown, we are right there with you on the road & bring all the help you could get even if it is a distant remote location.

Couple/ Solo women Rider Friendly

If you are riding with your spouse, girlfriend or sister, you certainly have chosen the best company to travel with us. We treat her as our own family & won’t let anything happen to her that might ruin your experience.

Smartly Planned Itinerary

With age comes wisdom. If you evaluate the itinerary, you witness a true road trip designed to serve every purpose – Sightseeing, Optimised riding schedule & most importantly freedom of leisure time so that you can take a detour.

12 Years

In 2021, we turned 12. The journey that started in 2009 with single ride to Leh-Ladakh, expanded to road trips across India and neighbouring countries.

580 Rides

We started with a single road trip in 2009. With every passing year, the spectrum of successful road trip expended to Bhutan, Spiti, North East, Rajasthan & Gujarat. Not to exaggerate, it has been a journey without hiccup or hassle.Readmore

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