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There are two types of people in this world, people who ride motorcycles and people who don’t..

We already know that you have always desired to be right there on the peaks of earth mounted over your bike. Also, there is now, no tomorrow! We are here to turn your dreams into reality that you had always wanted to happen.
The Dream Riders has already delivered immense pleasure among the riders by having organized thrilling trips across various virgin destinations.

So, gang up with your friends and families and soar high to follow your dreams. When aided with expertise in biking and terrific bike condition, the trip is safe enough to make you crave for another trip. The extremely cold climate, sky high altitude and rugged road surfaces; all work together to make your trip even more exhilarating. Adrenaline rush is here!

The Dream Riders’ team is all set to assist you in traversing those most desired paths with utmost drama and enthusiasm. With an extensive experience in organizing motorcycle tours across the nation, The Dream Riders would like to encourage you by offering their customised tour packages for all adventure biking fanatics.
If you are the one who cannot resist the temptation of biking to the world’s most untouched destinations, The Dream Riders is for you.

To plunge into our world of biking, please do check out our biking trip images on this site.
We are well equipped to offer you that essential technical and emotional support; that is quintessential for such trips!

Burn the Roads and Gear up for some thrill!


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Bike Trip to Bhutan 2014

The dream Riders Group has announced new motorbike trip to Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon, After 4 successful motorcycle trip of Leh Ladakh, 1 bike trip to Udaipur (Rajsthan) – Baughdhada lake, 1 Bike trip to Idar (Gujarat), now a bike trip to on of the most adventure .

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip 2012

Most adventurous motorbike trip Leh ladakh Bike trip……… Our first trip in July 2012 is full and booking is closed for July trip. We have organised second trip in 27th August – Bike Trip to Zanskar – Leh Ladakh 15 days. If you are interested in our trip than join .

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I always had a DREAM to bike around the Himalayan roads and having done the other Border road trip to Nathu La in Sikkim and the Wagaha Border in Punjab, I was raring to go to the Ladakh region. So when i came to know about this group through a friend, i instantly registered and joined this group. I was glad that i did not hesitate to make this decision because the dream riders group is rightly named because they really make your DREAM COME TRUE. The Ladakh bike trip of 2012 was one of the most memorable trips of my WHOLE LIFE and doing it with the dream riders group of 22 people and 17 riders in 2012 made it a lifetime memory for me. I never felt any professional or business attitude from the group owners/leaders because it was TRULY a FRIENDLY attitude from them. The excitement and eagerness of a bike trip to
Ladakh might lead any novice or amateur biker to take it alone based on internet information and travel blogs, but having been through the trip i will definitely say that IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to go INDEPENDENTLY unless you are an EXPERT. With the dream riders, you get this expertise and all the backup help that you need for this trip. I will recommend my group (as i am already a part of this group) to each and every person who is eager to burn the roads of Ladakh on a bike. All praises to THE DREAM RIDERS!!!!

Abhijit Jagtap (Pune - Barclays Technology Centre India)